Top 10 Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google tricks

1. “Tab be or not tab be”!

You have probably noticed already that there are a number of tabs sat snuggly under the Google search box. You may already be using these frequently, but if not you might want to consider making your life a whole lot easier.

If you are searching for an image, click on the ‘Image’ tab, want to find a recent news story? Click on the ‘News tab…you get the idea.  Using these combined with some of our following cheats and BOOM, you’ll be the ruler of all things Google!

2. And/Or Searches

This one is a fairly simple tool to search for multiple items such as “Hotel AND New York”,  “Pizza OR Pasta” etc. You will notice how we have capitalised the AND/OR, that’s important. Make sure you use upper case for these, so Google recognises them as a specific command rather than just a part of your search term.

3. Search Using an “Exact Phrase”

If you have an exact search term in mind and don’t wish to deviate from that at all, you can place quote marks around your search. For instance:

“tandem space hopper” 

An actual thing, we promise! Google will show you all of the results containing that exact phrase so it can really help narrow down your search so you can be bouncing around the garden with your best bud in no time!

4. Keep it Simple

Now we can totally get on board with this hack! Google is insanely clever so it can find huge amounts of information based on the simplest of search terms.

For instance if you need to find a local plumber to fix a leaky tap, all you have to do is type “Plumbers nearby” (“” quote marks are just there to show you what to type, you don’t need to use these unless you are searching for a specific term, we’ll cover this later on).

Google will be able to suss out your location (as long as you have enabled the location services) and will spew out all manner of plumbers local to you. Easy peasy! No more leaky tap!


Ok, so now you’ve got your head wrapped around those, let’s move on to some more advanced searches…

5. +/- Searches

This is another way you can hone in on specific search terms or exclude words you don’t want to include.

The minus (-) command can come in pretty handy in certain situations. For instance, you might be searching for different types of leaf-tailed geckos (could happen), and Google keeps trying to send you to sites about the Satanic leaf-tailed gecko. Damn that pesky google! So, in that case, you’d type:

leaf tailed gecko -satanic

It will eliminate any results using the work “Satanic”, so you are left with a host of sites featuring all manner of other leaf-tailed geckos but no Satan worshipping ones! Clever huh!

The plus (+) sign does the exact opposite, well duh! It will only show you results that do include that word, so for instance:

leaf tailed gecko +satanic

Throws up an alarming number of pages where this little chap appears!

Tip – always make sure there is a space before the + or – sign and not after.

6. Search a Specific Site

Did you know you can restrict your search to a single website with the use of a colon? This super handy search cheat allows you to pinpoint your results to that of one single website. It works like this:

Google cheats and tricks

Every result will be pulled from that one site alone. Very helpful if you are trying to pin down a certain news story or topic from a particular source.

Tip – remember you don’t need to worry about using capital letters in any of your searches. Unlike your English Professor, Google doesn’t mind the odd grammar slip when it comes to those pesky proper nouns!

7. Asterisk *

Sometimes known as the asterisk wildcard, this is one cheat that is helpful when you are searching for a term, it might be a popular phrase, book title or even song lyric, but you are not sure of the full title or are missing one or two of the words.

Placing an Asterisk * where the missing word is will let Google know that it could be any word so the search results will reflect that and hopefully bring up what you want.

Try it out with a song title like this:

Papa don’t *

So many possibilities, luckily clever old Google knew I was talking about the popular Madonna hit from the ’80s. Give it a try!

8. Search for Multiple Terms at Once

This will cut your search time drastically by giving you the ability to search two phrases or terms at once. This can come in handy when you want to search for something like buying a house in a particular area, something that may show up under multiple different search terms.

Here’s how you use it:

“best places to buy a house in the uk” OR “where is the cheapest place to live in the uk”

Notice we’ve used the quote marks “” trick? This will ensure you get results based on exactly the two terms you’ve specified.

Tip – the “OR” needs to be in UPPER CASE to work it’s magic!


So that’s the serious cheats out the way, these final two Google tricks are just for fun!

9. Barrel Roll

Type “do a barrel roll” into your Google search bar and sit back and enjoy the show!

10. Askew

Try typing in “askew” into google, and it will tilt the whole page of results. What’s not to love about that!

Hey, those were even more fun than we thought! Maybe we’ll do another post about the all the fun Google tricks you can do!

So now we know that Google does even more wonderful things than just provide us with answers to all of life’s burning questions. Why not try out some of these hacks the next time you are searching for goofy pictures of a crazy horse rather than pages and pages of pictures of the famous old Native American dude! (Try crazy horse +animal and hit images)

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Magma Blaster

Magma Blaster is a rock blasting volcano themed shooting games with some ok graphics and its quite fun to play.

All you do is point and click so it isn’t complex at all. As such there are no real cheats but we can share some tips.

  • If a rock falls to the ground, but doesn’t hit a Tyrannian citizen, you won’t lose a life!
  • You will advance to the next level only after the screen has been cleared of rocks
  • The number of rocks that spawn in bonus levels is random, so your scores can vary
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Katamari Forever Cheats

Note: This game is also titled Katamari Damacy Tribute.

Katamari Drive mode

Successfully complete the game, and watch the ending to unlock Katamari Drive mode. In this mode, you will control a high speed Katamari with shorter time limits.

Bonus mini-games

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mini-game at the “Katamari Collection” menu:

    Beautiful Katamari (Hard): Successfully complete Katamari Drive mode.Beautiful Katamari (Normal): Successfully complete Katamari Drive mode.Katamari Forever Ending Credits: Successfully complete the game.We Love Katamari: Successfully complete all requests in all game modes.

Level graphics filters

Successfully complete a level to unlock the ability to change the graphic filter for that level in the game mode that was used.

Level music selection

Successfully complete a level to unlock the ability to change the music for that level in the game mode that was used.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Huge Katamari (Bronze): Created a katamari over 10,000km.Big Katamari (Bronze): Created a katamari over 500m.Stardust (Bronze): Turned a katamari into stardust.First Katamari (Bronze): Completed a Request.Collector (Bronze): Completed 80% of the Collection.Cousin Friendly (Bronze): Rolled up 30 Cousins.Fashion Conscious (Bronze): Collected 30 Presents.Movie Fan (Bronze): Watched 5 movies in a row in Movies.Multiplayer (Bronze): Played through VS Battle or Co-op 30 times.Katamari Destroyer (Bronze): Destroyed the katamari 50 times before completing a Request.Rolling Expert (Bronze): Rolled up 7,650 objects before completing a Request.Mini-Gamer (Bronze): Played through all mini-games.Music Lover (Bronze): Listened to 5 songs in Music.Photographer (Bronze): Viewed a photo in the Photo Album.Enormous Katamari (Silver): You made a katamari over 2,000,000km!Endurer (Silver): Obtained 50,000 points in the punishment mini-game.Hi-Scorer (Silver): Obtained 50,000 points in the ending mini-game.Congratulations! (Gold): Completed all Requests in Katamari Forever mode.Katamari Speedster (Gold): Completed all Requests in Katamari Drive mode.Completist (Gold): Completed 100% of the Collection.We Love Cousins (Gold): Rolled up all Cousins.Present Collector (Gold): Collected all Presents.Platinum Katamari (Platinum): Collected all trophies.

Additionally, there are ten secret trophies:

    Rankings Lover (Bronze): Viewed the Network Rankings 5 times.Single Player (Bronze): Played though 50 single player Requests in a row.Hopper (Bronze): Performed the Prince Hop exactly 7 times before completing a Request.Fast Roller (Bronze): Performed the Dash exactly 6 times before completing a Request.Quick Turn Expert (Bronze): Performed the Quick Turn exactly 5 times before completing a Request.Unforgiving (Bronze): Punished over 50 times.Creator (Silver): Created 200 katamaris.We Love Stardust (Silver): Turn 50 katamaris into dust.Eternal Roller (Silver): Completed all Requests in Eternal mode.Katamari Fanatic (Gold): Completed all Requests in Classic Katamari mode.

Rocky Legends Cheats

Rocky: Legends Codes –

Easy Money:
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Easy Super Hits and 3X Combos:
Tap R1 then immediately hold Square , Circle , X , or Triangle (depending on the character you are using).

Gameboy Advance – K

K-1 Pocket Grand Prix 2
Kao the Kangaroo
Karnaaj Rally
Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 5
Kaze no Klonoa 2
Kaze no Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament
Kaze no Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament
Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer
Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer
Kim Possible
Kim Possible 2: Drakken’s Demise
Kim Possible Revenge Of Monkey Fist
Kim Possible: Revenge Of Monkey Fist
King of Fighters EX
King Of Fighters EX 2
King of Fighters EX, The
King of Fighters EX2 Howling Blood
King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood
King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood, The
Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kiniro no Gashbell
Kinnikuman II
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Kirby Magic Mirror
Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland
Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament
Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament
Klonoa Empire of Dreams
Klonoa Heroes
Klonoa: Empire of Dreams
KlonoaEmpire of Dreams
Konami Arcade Game Collection
Konami Collector’s Series Arcade Advanced
Konami Collector’s Series: Arcade Advanced
Konami Collectors Series
Konami Collectors Series Arcade Advance
Konami Collectors Series Arcade Advanced
Konami Krazy Racers
Kong The Animated Series
Kong: The Animated Series
Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panech!
Korokke! 4
Krazy Racers
Kuru Kuru Kururin

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Cheats for online slots – do they exist?

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