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After years of providing gamers with cheats, tips, and strategies to conquer their favorite video games, Cheatoogle.com has closed its doors. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been part of this incredible journey.

While Cheatoogle.com may be shutting down, we understand that the quest for gaming knowledge never ends. Therefore, we’d like to direct you to some of the best cheats and tips archives available online, categorized by video game console. These websites have proven themselves as reliable sources for gamers seeking that extra edge to dominate their games.


  1. GameFAQsVisit GameFAQs

    GameFAQs is a treasure trove of cheats, walkthroughs, and FAQs for PlayStation games. You’ll find an active community of gamers contributing their insights and strategies.

  2. Cheat Code CentralVisit Cheat Code Central

    Cheat Code Central is known for its extensive collection of cheats and codes for PlayStation titles. They also offer reviews and game-related news.


  1. IGN CheatsVisit IGN Cheats

    IGN’s dedicated cheats section covers various Xbox games with detailed guides, codes, and tips to enhance your gaming experience.

  2. Xbox CheatsVisit Xbox Cheats

    Xbox Cheats is a user-friendly resource offering cheats and hints for a wide range of Xbox games. Their community helps keep the content fresh and up-to-date.


  1. Cheat HappensVisit Cheat Happens

    Cheat Happens caters to Nintendo fans with cheats and trainers for games on platforms like the Switch, 3DS, and more. They also provide video tutorials.

  2. Super CheatsVisit Super Cheats

    Super Cheats is an excellent source for cheats and guides for Nintendo games. They cover classics like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon.


  1. Steam Community GuidesVisit Steam Community Guides

    If you’re a PC gamer, Steam Community Guides is an invaluable resource. It features user-generated guides, cheats, and tips for a vast library of PC games.

  2. Nexus ModsVisit Nexus Mods

    Nexus Mods is primarily a hub for game mods, but it also hosts user-created guides and tips for enhancing your PC gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming:

  1. Touch ArcadeVisit Touch Arcade

    For mobile gamers, Touch Arcade offers reviews, tips, and discussions about iOS and Android games. Their forums are a great place to seek advice.

  2. GamezeboVisit Gamezebo

    Gamezebo specializes in mobile game reviews and walkthroughs, making it an ideal destination for cheats and tips on your smartphone or tablet.

We hope you find these alternative resources helpful in your gaming endeavors. Remember that the gaming community is vast and always willing to share its expertise. Farewell from Cheatoogle.com, and may your gaming adventures be filled with victories and epic moments!


The Cheatoogle.com Team

Google has become part of the furniture, a day to day service we happily use without really thinking too much about it. But are you getting the best from the world’s favourite search engine?

Our list of ’10 Google Cheats and Tricks You Might Not Know’ could just save you some time or at the very least make you sound a little more intelligent at the water cooler with your new found Google-facts!

Google Search Tricks and Cheats

Google is an all-seeing, all-knowing entity, able to predict what you are thinking before you even know what you want. Us regular folks can’t begin to fully understand the power of Google! Plus it doesn’t help that they keep moving the goalposts with regular changes and a “here one day, gone the next” kind of attitude when it comes to the tricks of the trade.

As it stands though, these nifty little tricks are handy to have in your back pocket when it comes to your searches. We can’t promise they’ll still work in a year or even a months time, but we’ll keep you as updated as we can!

So here goes! Let’s start off with some simple search tricks for those day to day queries…

Get googling folks and use our top 10 Google Search Tips and Tricks to get started!

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